World Bank commits to continue supporting Malawi’s education sector

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Lilongwe, May 09: World Bank Executive Director responsible for 22 countries including Malawi, Dr Floribert Ngaruko has assured Malawi of World Bank’s commitment to continue funding the education sector in the country following notable progress registered in World Bank funded projects under the Ministry of Education.

He was speaking Tuesday in Lilongwe at Ministry of Education headquarters during a meeting with Minister of Education, Madalitso Wirima Kambauwa, Deputy Minister, Nancy Chaola Mdooko and other senior officials from the Ministry.

Ngaruko is on a ground truthing mission of the World Bank projects being implemented in the country’s Ministry of Education namely; Malawi Education Reform Programme ( MERP), Skills for a Vibrant Economy (SAVE), Equity with Quality and Learning at Secondary Project ( EQUALS), and Africa Higher Education Centers of Excellence (ACE)- African Schools of Excellence.

He also presented reforms being undertaken by the World Bank in order to respond better to the global challenges following the Covid 19 pandemic experience where issues to do with resilience and adaptation is coming to the fore.

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