Zuneth Sattar Is An Experienced Property Investor




This blog will cover a wide range of topics and subjects that relate to Sattar’s personal and professional interests, with a strong focus on the property market.An area of expertise for Sattar is residential property investment, as he initially built his property portfolio in this field. Therefore, this blog will focus on relevant developments and the latest news. Topics that will be further explored include house price growth, which is set to reach 11.4%, as well as the explosive increase in demand for new build homes. The increase in virtual house hunting as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown will also be discussed.

Zuneth Sattar Property Investor

Commercial properties form another important aspect of Sattar’s property investment portfolio. This blog will include relevant advice, news and developments relating to this topic, as well as a buying guide for commercial property investors.

The role of property development will also be discussed, as this is an area that Sattar has recently ventured into. The Prime Minister’s enthusiasm about property developments will be detailed, including the recent news that new homes will automatically be granted permission to be built – a significant change that will affect the work of property developers based in England.

This blog will also explore possible strategies for first time property developers, including tips and suggestions on how to become a successful property developer, and the opportunities that are most relevant at this moment in time.

As well as building a successful property investment portfolio, Sattar is involved two charitable associations: Muslim Hands and the Lia Relief Trust. This blog will take a more in-depth look at the work of both charities.

Sattar has worked on several projects with Muslim Hands, including its Palestinian appeal for food and projects that relate to vocational studies. The charity is dedicated to serving those who are most vulnerable in the world, working to address the issues of poverty and unempowered communities through both short- and long-term strategies.

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