Friday, February 23

A war of words has ensued between the Super League of Malawi

A war of words has ensued between the Super League of Malawi and teams over money for broadcasting rights dating back to 2017.

Super League clubs have today accused Sulom of failing to pay the teams let alone to address the teams on the status of the money.

Today, led by four teams, Bullets, Silver, Wanderers and Tigers, league teams threatened to boycott the league which starts this Saturday if Sulom does not address them on the matter.

In addition, the teams said they intend to call for an Extraordinary General Meeting where they plan to throw weight behind a vote of no confidence for Sulom.

More recently, Bullets in particular warned of claiming full rights of their matches, a thing which even the Football Association of Malawi laughed off.

But according to Sulom President, Tiya Somba Banda, the body looks at the demands as unfortunate saying such issues were addressed in the past.

” The officers who made the demands are new on those portfolios. We have evidence of such communications through emails. I would ask that they ask their predecessors to read into matters to do with broadcasting rights money” said Banda.

Meanwhile, Banda has said the body intends to call for an AGM when the league begins because there is no money to call for such at the moment.

Fixtures released by Sulom have put the Blantyre derby as the opener of the competition as Bullets will have to start title defense against sworn rivals Wanderers.

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