Friday, February 23


By Ambute Paimbe

Rasool Jackson, Secretary for Kuwala Youth Network, a group within UTM Party has resigned from both his position dumped the Party. Speaking during a Press Briefing held at Mogas Lodge in Mangochi, Rasool mentioned the silence by the leadership to address internal issues and the continued increase in commodity price as some of the reasons which has prompted him to resign.

“I campaigned for UTM and the Tonse Alliance touting the slogan a better Malawi for all but what is happening now is a mockery to the citizenry. People can’t afford to buy essential goods due to the continued daily price increase, the leadership has kept quiet when Malawians want answers. I won’t join any political party but will concentrate on my personal issues”, narrated Rasool.

Another challenge he mentioned was greedy and self centredness among leaders. “I urge the people of Mangochi to be united regardless of their affiliation to develop Mangochi. Let’s bury the hatchet and move on, politicians divided us during campaign, they left for their respective homes leaving us disorganized. Let’s leave in harmony, Malawi belongs to us all, so we all ought to benefit “, concluded Rasool.

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