Friday, February 23

Msonda spits fire at DPP: ‘If you continue fighting forget about returning to power in 2025

Veteran politician Ken Msonda has asked the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to find solutions to the ongoing infighting in the party as soon as possible or else forget about returning to power come 2025.

Msonda said this on Sunday during a rally at Mgona in Lilongwe which was organized by DPP’s Secretary General Grezelder Jeffrey and presided over by leader of opposition Kondwani Nankhumwa.

In his speech Msonda said the disunity in the party is making it to lose popularity on the ground.

“Anthu amene amadana ndi chilungamo ine ndiye sandikonda chifukwa ine nde sindinyengelela. Ngati mikanganano yomwe ikuchitika muchipanimu sithesedwa mwachangu yiwalani zozalamuliranso dziko lino muchaka cha 2025 (Let the truth be told, if you continue fighting in the party forget about returning to power come 2025),” said Msonda.

But Jeffrey wa Jeffrey trashed Msonda’s claims, saying there is no infighting in DPP.

“Iwe Msonda Iwe ife a DPP sitikukangana [In DPP we are not fighting, its just a small misunderstanding],” said Msonda.

Since after being booted out of power, DPP has been embroiled in leadership crisis with many top officials calling for immediate resignation of former President Peter Mutharika.


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