Thursday, February 22

Demonstrations To Send Martha Chizuma On Packing Moved To Next week

A group of concerned citizens that was planning to hold the Anti-Martha Chizuma demonstrations in Lilongwe today, has postponed the demos to next week.

The grouping trading under the banner ‘π™’π™―π™žπ™ π™– 𝙯𝙀𝙠𝙝π™ͺπ™™π™―π™žπ™™π™¬π™–’ want ACB Director Martha Chizuma fired with immediate effect for violating her oath of office in the leaked telephone conversation.

Confirming the development to MIJ Online, Billy Malata one of the Organizers said they have postponed the demos as the City is busy today with the President’s engagements.

“Yesterday, we had a meeting with the Lilongwe District Council and the Malawi Police was also present, so considering the President’s trip to Luanar, we agreed that we move the demos to next week. This has been done for security reasons.” Said Malata.

He emphasized that the demos have not been cancelled as they are planning to hold the demos next week Monday.

The group was today planning to present their petition at Parliament through Public Appointments Committee (PAC) and another petition to the office of the President to remove Chizuma.

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