Wednesday, February 28

Mentors International CEM saluted for providing basic vocational trainings

By Esnath Kalawe

The Director Mentors of International in Malawi, Lameck Chisale praised Mentors International Center of Education and Mentoring (CEM) for providing trainings that will transform graduating students to be self reliant.
The Mentors International CEM , which is a non-profitable NGO aims at uplifting those that are less previledged from developing countries like Malawi by providing students with basic trainings.

Last friday , the Center held its 2nd group graduation at Golden Peacock in Lilongwe where over 60 students graduated from Lilongwe as well as Kasungu.
The students were awarded certificates in Computer Microsoft suit as well as English training programs after completing 15 weeks vocational training.
In an interview, the Malawi Country Director for Mentors International, Lameck Chisale said it was not east for students receiving high quality education, and seing them graduating hence saluted the Mentors International, for providing with the training sponsored by foreign donors.
“Iam saluting the organisation for empowering students especially those from less previledged to be self reliant.
” We all know that accessing education at a university or local college here in Malawi is a bit expensive and one can not manage the fees.” Chisale explained.
Considering that the graduation was the second one since the introduction of the program in the country.
Chisale said it is a milestone to the country seing a number of people improving their business career as well as acquiring better jobs using certificates obtained through their program.
“I hope the beneficiaries will also contribute to the economy of the country. The citizens will be tax payers if they will open up small businesses as well as employing other people, in that way they will also boost the economy of the country at large.” He added.
The guest Speaker, Advisor of Special Projects at Mentors International David Christensen advised the graduands not to rely on government and other Organisations only to employ them , but also to venture into business that will also uplift their familiies.
“The esssence is to help people with knowledge that will help them to be self reliant in turn they will help others too and be good citizens. That will help their families as well as their communities.” Christensen advised.
One of the graduands Chigozie Dike Ndhlovie thanked the Mentors International CEM for introducing the vocational training programs saying the certificates obtained will ease them find a better job.
“The journey was not easy , it needed hard work to complete the training, I believe this will help me as well as my friends to acquire better jobs since most of the jobs requires someone to have computer knowledge.” Ndhlovie said.
The Mentors International is a high quality training center sponsored by foreign donors who understands that the only way out of cycle of poverty is through education.

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