Wednesday, February 28

Immigration Department halts passport book printing

Officials from Immigration Department say printing of passport books has been suspended because machines are not working

Immigration Director General Charles Kalumo said the department could not say when the department will resume the printing of passport books.
He said Techobrain, the company contracted to print passports books, would be in a position to know when the problem would be rectified.

Kalumo said the department was also facing challenges with 48 paged passports as those that applied for this type of passport were given a 36 page one despite paying for a 48 page.“`

According to Kalumo, they are in discussion with the Treasury to refund those that faced this anomaly.
But the Parliamentary Committee on International Relations through its Chairperson Victor Musowa said the Committee will summon the network and printing department of Immigration to give an explanation on the matter.

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