Tuesday, February 27

Electricity, Forex Crises Blamed For Poor Airtel Network

Unresolved forex shortage and persistent blackouts still haunting the nation are topping the list of challenges affecting delivery of quality network service by one of the country’s mobile service providers, Airtel Malawi.

The company’s Managing Director, Charles Kamoto disclosed this when they appeared before the Parliamentary Committee of Media and Communications on Thursday.

He told the Committee that the relentless blackouts are forcing them to depend much on diesel generators which is another challenge as the diesel has also become scarce.

Kamoto also blamed their introduced Mofaya bundles promotion for resulting into increased data utilization; leaving them under pressure.

But he agreed with some Committee members who proposed that the company should opt for solar generated electricity but cited financial constraints as a huge hindrance for non-implementation of this.

“However, we are doing everything possible to rectify this problem,” assured Kamoto

Chairperson of the Committee MacNice Aboo Naliwa said they summoned the Airtel Malawi company officials to understand why its customers continue experiencing poor network services.

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