Wednesday, February 28

Another Day Light Robbery At Ministry Of Gender Involving Creck Hardware

It is a free for all affair for government funds. Tonse government continues to milk the almost dead cow.
While Tonse government officials are grappling with explanations on the missing of billions at capital hill, another bombshell, this time from Ministry of Gender, has surfaced.

Renowned MCP financier Apostle Dr. Clifford Kawinga of Creck Hardware has supplied 200 motorcycles at a whopping price of MK5.8 million each.

What is raising eyebrows is that in the bid document, the ministry clearly indicated that it was looking for Yamaha branded motorcycles. However, Creck Hardware has supplied chinese made Jianshe motorcycles.

After noting the anomaly, Kawinga has since changed particulars of the motorcycles from Jianshe to Yamaha as seen on one of the leaked documents from MRA.

In the leaked document, it shows the value of each of the motorcycles pegged at $800 and MRA charged duty at MK200 000. This means that at MK5.8 million, Apostle Kawinga has made colossal profit of over MK4 million per motorcycle.

From look of things MCP government will not allow Malawi economy any chance to breathe. Any opportunity is being used to steal money from government coffers while millions of Malawians lack basic commodities to live for another day.

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