Wednesday, February 28

Chakwera Speech No Hope-CCJP

The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace – CCJP has punched holes in President Lazarus Chakwera’s national address describing it as ‘missed opportunity’ of giving hope to Malawians.

Last night, Chakwera addressed the nation in what was dubbed ‘presidential new year address’.

In his address, Chakwera among other things promised Malawians that he will make alterations of his cabinet by this month.

Boniface Chibwana, National Coordinator CCJP said Chakwera missed an opportunity of giving hope and directions to Malawians who are losing trust in the current leadership.

According to Chibwana, Chakwera was supposed to be proactive rather than reactive and be on top of issues currently rocking people in the country.

Chibwana added that people want actions rather than what he terms as rhetoric promises from the president.

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