Wednesday, February 28

Nkhata-Bay District Register Zero Cholera Cases

The Ministry of Health says a total of 12 districts in the country have registered zero cholera cases signalling that it is possible to eradicate the outbreak.

The remarks have been made by the Co-Chairperson of the Presidential Taskforce on Cholera and Covid 19, Dr Wilfred Chalamira Nkhoma.

“There are over 10 districts which are doing well let me commend them for a good job. This simply means we can manage as a country to deal with the outbreak but this calls for responsibility from each one of us,” said Dr Nkhoma.

On his part, Mavuto Thomas, Head of the Health Education Unit in the Ministry, said much care should be exercised when handling cholera patients.

“The community is hereby advised that when taking a sick person to the hospital they should handle the patient with care and whatever they used to carry the patient to the hospital needs to be sanitised. It is possible to acquire cholera when handling a sick person in addition let us treat water from sources such as boreholes with chlorine or Waterguard,” said Thomas.

To date Lilongwe, Balaka, Mangochi and Blantyre have the highest cholera cases.

However, districts including Nkhatabay, Rumphi Mzimba, Ntcheu and Kasungu have registered zero cases in the past week.

Dr Nkhoma emphasised that the Presidential Taskforce on Cholera and Covid 19 is still appealing for more donations of medical supplies to fight the outbreak.

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