Saturday, February 24

Citizens For Justice & Equity Backs Interdiction Of ACB Boss

A group of CSOs under the banner of Citizens for Justice and Equity has welcomed the decision by the government to interdict the Director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Martha Chizuma saying justice must prevail as she breached the oath of office through the leak audio.

Reading a press statement in Lilongwe, one of the group members Fredrick Malata also said for close to two years there is no case that Chizuma has finalised saying the interdiction is, therefore a welcomed development.

The group adds that interdiction does not mean dismissal but a temporary suspension which means she can still go back to her office if vindicated by a court of law.

Malata said how Steven Kayuni was fired for abusing and violating office rules, and Chizuma too needs to face the same treatment.

The group insists that the government has not erred in any way as some lawyers are putting it.

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