Friday, February 23

Chakwera’s chewalization project hits MZUNI, Professor Saka suffers

What experts have called “Chakwera’s chewalization project” has now reached academic institutions. A ploy by the MCP, Chakwera led government to place Chewas in strategic positions in the country is on high speed and the latest institution to be affected is Mzuzu University (MZUNI).

Top MCP gurus are not happy that merit has seen most Chewas who thrive in gule wakulu miss out in top management positions at MZUNI. Due to the anger in this Chewas, they have divized a plan that will see the current Vice Chancellor of the college replaced by a Chewa.

We can confidentiality reveal that MZUNI released an advert for a VC who has already been identified by Chakwera. Although the advert was realised, Chakwera has already identified a Chewa who goes to assemblies of God Church as a possible replacement for the current VC, Professor Saka.

It is reported that MCP inner core is not happy that MZUNI uses merit to appoint people into crucial positions. The group has now come up with a plan that will see most people losing their jobs at the university and replaced by Chewas.

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