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Comrade Jumbe Pens President Chakwera On Roadblocks

31st may 2023,


Dear, Your excellency the president of the republic, mr chakwera,

Accept my greetings,

Your excellency, apologies in advance for this open public letter this is only opportunity currently on my disposal, I pray that any good samaritan somewhere will take this my massage of national importance to your desk.

The newspaper article front page of Sunday times dated 28 may 2023 has compelled me to write you this letter pleading your intervetion on this kind of torture which the poor citizens are suffering under your government.

Refference to this article it has been reported that your police mounted 43 road blocks on the 47 kilometer road targeting poor citizens who are in small business of charcoal, that’s translating to almost roadblock at each every half kilometer,in this era of democratic despansation that’s very shocking and disgusting.

It has been reported on this that your government has benefited 80 million kwacha in fines siphoning from these poor citizens of charcoal bussiness ,numbering over 1000 people that is the size of the entire village under your police custody simply because of charcoals.

Your excellency, the heavy military fully equipped with camouflages and machineguns of war are in our vicinities hunting and intimidating harmless and poor citizens who are surviving on this charcoal bussiness for their daily meal.

The fear is there that our freedom of human rights is now crumbling brick by brick,if we cant handle it with proper care,we will slowly go back to dictorial leadership of police state ,let this not happen under your watch.

Your excellency,

We can’t ban the charcoal without introducing any other means of cooking energy as an alternative which will be easily accessible, and affordable for all.

The government in order to preserve and protect forestry should introduce this affordable means of cooking energy make it cheaper and subsidize it to others who can’t afford in so doing our people will not burn trees and will not smuggle charcoals,using of firewood will then become history.

Currently our people are without choice because they don’t have electricity, as matters are standing in our country I can’t freely move with a truck loaded with firewood in the city which means Iam risking arrest meaning even firewood it’s in a category of Indian hemp (chamba).

We can’t ban the charcoal and firewood without providing solution and alternatives.

Your excellency, your government should come up with viable and permanent solution on this matters of cooking energy if we are to preserve forestry and nature.

People in south Africa they don’t use firewood and charcoals because their government enhenced the generation of electricity as the means of cooking energy for every household and their forestry and nature is protected .

We need our forestry for our own good climate but any good government shall be measured on good policies which are considerable for its citizens.

Any failure by the government to find a solution in introducing another source of cooking energy which will be easily accessible ,that’s will be a complete failure of the government to preserve and protect our forestry therefore any harrassment to the users of charcoal and firewood will be unjust and a serious violation of our human rights.

Your excellency, I have so many reasons prompted me to write you this letter so much that it can’t contain in this leaflet because we have so many problems which we are currently suffering as the country, this nation is in tears.

We had hope with high expectations prior to the election which brought you in the government but unfortunately all has turned into tears some are ending up commiting suicides.

Your excellency,

Your free fertilizer programs has not materialized due to rampant corruption in your government is that new malawi which you was promising?

No forex, no fuel in our reserves, no job,basic needs such food are exorbitantly expensive that some of us can’t afford to buy merely a meal going to bed empty stomach, is that new malawi which you was promising?

Your excellency, Your Neef programs has not materialized instead of economically empowering the poor, the Neef has become a burden and a curse for this nation, anthu akulandidwa mbuzi mmidzimu ndi katundu osiyanasiyana chifukwa cha tingongole ta ku neef, azimayi osagona mmakomo kuthawa a neef omwe akumabwera pakati pa utsiku ngati achifwamba, is that new malawi which you was promising??

Your excellency, Your Neef initiatives is nothing but a flop,they can’t demand collateral from the poor and the starter ,they borrow 200,000 to return in a short space of time but what bussiness a person can start with that kind of money? are we serious as the country?

Your excellency, Introduce a risk funding to genuinely empower the people economically that’s without demanding collateral, for example in Tanzania the youth are set up in groups ,the government is offering them tenders and contracts worthy billions for importing fertilizer, fuel and farming schemes giving them land and all necessary Agriculture equipments that’s real economic empowerment.
People don’t want handouts but we want entrepreneurship.

Your excellency,

We are looking forward for your urgent attention on this critical matters the life is becoming harder and impossible each passing day ,we are hopeless ,we pray your government will come in rescue for us the poor,the current agenda of your government and priorities should not be on how to win elections but on how best you can serve your people.

Yours citizenary,

Comrade Alhaji imraan jumbe.

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