Wednesday, February 28

Dedza Pastors Fraternity demonstrate against Homosexuality

Faith groups in Dedza District Monday held peaceful demonstrations expressing their concerns over legalization of same sex marriages a case that is currently in court.

Speaking after delivering the petition at Dedza District Council, Chairperson for Dedza Pastors Fraternity, Bishop Moses Chikuta said same sex marriages would be a threat to natural family unit which is a hub for a strong society.

“It is unfortunate that those advocating same sex marriages were born from male-female marriages, what they are advocating for is an infringement of rights of unborn children because same sex marriages can never produce off springs,” he said.

Chikuta appealed to the Office of President and Cabinet (OPC), Chief Justice and entire judiciary to close the case and call for a referendum for a decision to be made by majority of Malawians.

Sheikh Hanif Kazembe of Dedza Main Mosque said legalizing Homosexuality suspends Allah’s natural orders to His creation.

He promised to continue mobilizing people to voice out their concerns through peaceful demonstrations if the issues they presented in the petition would not be addressed.

Receiving the petition on behalf of the District Commissioner, Dedza District Principal Administration Officer, Moses Jere assured the faith community that the petition would be delivered to relevant authorities as per their addresses.

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