Saturday, February 24

We Can’t Wait For 2063–Muluzi

By Uchindami Galimoto & Esimy Kamanga

With two years to the next general elections slated for September 2025, political parties are already getting busier each passing day trying to be sensible to Malawians while appealing for votes.

Yesterday, former United Democratic Front-UDF Atupele Muluzi told a gathering at Chibavi Ground in Mzuzu that Malawians cannot wait for 2063 for the country to be wealthy and self-reliant.

He argued within 8-10 years, the country could achieve middle income economy if it ended the prevailing endemic corruption.

Muluzi said UDF was ready to give Malawians a new hope; saying it has a plan in place to transform the country.

In Nchalo-Chikwawa, Alliance for Democracy-AFORD President Enoch Chihana described Malawi as a sinking titanic ship with no captain to provide necessary direction.

He claimed his party would end persistent forex shortages and fertilizer woes, among others, in the first 100 days in office.

Chihana also made it clear that his party doesn’t condone same sex marriages; telling off some of the country’s donors to stay with their money if they are using that as a condition for Malawi to access such.

Meanwhile, Malawi Congress Party-MCP National Director of Strategy, Ken Zikhale Ng’oma told a political rally in Nyambadwe, Blantyre that they are ready to join hands with Malawians in troubled times in enhancing various developments.

Ng’oma, who is also Homeland Security Minister, also described the recent Economist Intelligence Unit that cast counts on the party’s chances of making it in 2025, as baseless.

He predicted that Chakwera and MCP would win the presidential with a 71 percent landslide.

A few days ago, two political analysts, Latim Matenje and George Phiri argued the early election campaigns are due to the Chakwera administration’s failure to manage state affairs citing bad economy, deep-rooted corruption, high cost of living and failure to fulfill alot of campaign promises including reduction of presidential powers.

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