Tuesday, April 16

Anti Martha Chizuma Group Refutes Report That They Receive Donations

Leader of a group calling itself Mbadwa Zokhudzika -Redson Munlo- has refuted reports that the group received donations to hold vigils against Martha Chizuma director general of Anti-Corruption Bureau-ACB- outside Parliament Building in Lilongwe
The vigils which started on Friday and are expected to end next Thursday are aimed at forcing President Lazarus Chakwera to fire Chizuma for violating her oath of office in connection with a leaked audio in which she was talking to an unknown male person.

However reports indicate that some members of the group are not participating in the vigils following misunderstandings over money that was donated to the group.

Munlo said the group did not receive any donation of money to hold the vigils.

According to -Munlo – the members of the group are contributing personal money to fund the vigils.

He said the member who is claiming that there are misunderstandings over money is doing so because he was disciplined for asking Asian business operators to fund the vigil and mismanaging money meant for mobilization.

‘’That person was going to the Mwenye people , telling them that they should give him money to sponsor the demonstration and if they do not do that he will tell Mbadwa Zokhudzika to demonstration against them.

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