Atupele Muluzi To Come Out Clear On His Plans On 2025

A political commentator has asked former president of the United Democratic Front (UDF) Atupele muluzi to come out clear whether he wants to bounce back in politics.

This comes following Muluzi’s statement on his official Facebook page titled, “Malawi: Our shared destiny and my dream.”

The main content of his address is that the current leadership of the Tonse Alliance has failed, hence the need to put the right people in right positions.

He says corruption needs to be uprooted and that it is time for Malawians to start choosing leaders with a clean background as one way of dealing with the vice.

“We need to reform our political system from within: elect leaders with credible backgrounds, leaders untainted by corruption.

“We need to elect into office people who uphold integrity and at the centre of their hearts a recognition that the people who elected them to office deserve the very best,” Muluzi says in the post.

Political analyst Ernest Thindwa said Muluzi’s statement is political and is designed to sell himself to the electorate as a beacon of hope.

But, according to Thindwa, Muluzi’s message offers Malawians nothing new.

“As it is the case with others, his statement fits neatly in Malawi’s chronicle of political episodes since 1994 in which promises by political entrepreneurs translate into electorate anguish,” Thindwa said.

He said Muluzi has been presented with unlimited opportunity before to serve in the public service and make a difference.

Asked whether his statement is an indication that he wants to bounce back into politics, Muluzi told The Sunday Times that he is speaking like any other citizen.

“My statement was just outlining my vision and thought. I have not yet decided on my future plans. I will be holding a press briefing on a number of topics,” Muluzi said.

He said he will hold the briefing on February 10.

“With what is going on in the country I feel duty bound to contribute to the national conversation. Anywhere in the world, once you serve in politics you forever have an opinion to share to the next generations. It does not mean that you are gagged from commenting or making recommendations,” he said.

On views that his message portrays his desire to come back into politics, Muluzi said everyone is entitled to that opinion.

“Nowhere did I mention that I am standing for president. However, you may draw whatever inferences that you may wish to from my statement,” he said.

Last year Muluzi resigned from the leadership of the UDF. Recently, a group calling itself Friends of Atupele Muluzi has been campaigning for his come back into politics

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