Malawi business tycoon Simbi Phiri disassociates himself from forming up “Congress for Democrats”

Business Mogul Simbi Ashan Phiri who is Executive Chairman of Katho Civils has disassociated himself from social media rumours that he has joined politics and formed up a political party called Congress for Democrats.

In a statement, Khato Civils Public Relations Officer, Daniel Mababa says a document in circulation on various social media platforms is purporting that Simbi Phiri, Executive Chairman of Khato Civils was in Malawi last December, 2021 to coordinate formation of a new political party called Congress for Democrats whose leader is Peter Simbi Phiri.

Simbi Phiri not forming political party

Mababa says, the name Peter Simbi Phiri is not for the one who is Executive Chairman of Khato Civils.

“To begin with, the full name of our Executive Chairman is Mr. Sambi Ashan Phiri and not Peter Simbi Phiri. We have also noted that, a Facebook page called” Peter Simbi Phiri Quotes “, currently with 5500 likes, is fraudulently using pictures of our Executive Chairman Mr. Simbi Ashan Phiri for profile and cover pictures, therefore, misleading the public into believing that Mr. Ashan Simbi Phiri is the same as Mr. Peter Simbi Phiri.

“We wish to categorically state and place on record that there is no connection directly or indirectly, between Executive Chairman Mr. Sambi Ashan Phiri and the alleged Peter Simbi Phiri,” says Mababa.

Mababa says, currently they have engaged their legal counsel to deal with the fraudulent attempt of using their Executive Chairman’s pictures to sinister generating page attraction and like to the page and subsequently mislead the public into believing that Mr. Ashan Simbi ( Khato Executive Chairman) and Mr. Peter Sambi Phiri are the same persons.

He says Khato Civils and its Chairman refutes and deny all allegations as malicious and aimed at impugning the Khato Civils Executive Chairman Mr. Ashan Simbi Phiri.

Mababa says, as Simbi Ashan Phiri categorically stated during several interviews in Malawi, the man harbours no political ambitions. He says, Sambi Phiri believes contribution to his country is better placed in investment and development through his businesses and mentoring young people to enter the business space and become successful future business leaders.

He however, urged the public to disregard the publication and content shared on the psedo- Facebook account as it has no connection whatsoever to Mr. Ashan Simbi Phiri.

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