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Malawi Government Failed To Relocate Foreigners, Pounces Vendors

Never rains but pours, As Malawi government fails to relocate foreigner to designated place as money talks as some authority make foreigners as cow to milk money to enrich themselves to fulfill their stomachs and their families,
Malawi government has Pounces Vendors who are citizens of this country by confiscating ther merchandise and most interesting thing is that they confiscated merchandise from storerooms,
Vendors have cried foul over the current government administration of favouring foreigners and punishing its own poor citizens Malawi for sale,
The report shivering airwave indicates that k500 million flops the relocation of foreigners to designated places,

By the meantime there is sour relationship between the vendors and Malawi Government and vendors are mobilising to get court order to force government to relocate foreigners to designated places,
This week there was an operation by the city council confiscating vendors merchandise from storerooms not on the illegally selling point government and city they claims,
Government through city council is harassing it’s citizens and giving freedom to foreigners indeed money talks,
Foreigners are living free in this country while Malawi citizens are dog and cat with their government in their own land indeed Malawi has been sold to foreigners,
In Lilongwe capital city of the Republic of Malawi more land occupied by foreigners and in two years to come Malawians will be foreigners in the city of Lilongwe,

Appeal to the minister of home land to act now before too late,
By the meantime vendors have lost everything and they asking the state president of the Republic of Malawi to side with vendors and investigative punitive government officials who are enriching by granting freedom to foreigners just because they get money from foreigners,
The people we are tormenting today we shall need them tomorrow

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