Mia Leads MDAS In Zomba Mountain Reforestation

The government has intensified the preservation of vegetative cover on Zomba Mountain as part of its drive to protect water catchment areas from degradation.

Minister of Water, Abida Mia, led government departments and agencies in planting indigenous trees around the Mulunguzi Dam Catchment Area.

The exercise involved the Malawi Defence Force, Malawi Police Service, Zomba District City Council, chiefs, academicians, and students. Mia pledged that government will do everything possible to deal with the wanton cutting of trees which is posing a threat to Mulunguzi Dam, the major source of water for Zomba City and surrounding areas.

Southern Region Water Board (SRWB) facilitated the tree planting exercise.

Chairperson for SRWB, Brown Mpinganjira, said the board has planned to plant 150,000 trees this year. A total of 120,000 seedlings being planted on Zomba Mountain and the remaining 30,000 in other areas under the board’s jurisdiction.

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