MRP vows to trim presidential powers once voted into government

Bantu Saunders Jumah Malawi laws favors the President and party loyalists

By Vincent Gunde

President and Commander in Chief of Muvi wa Chilungamo Revolutionary Party (MRP) Bantu Saunders Jumah, says once he and his party are voted into government in 2025, he will trim presidential powers so that all Malawians are equal under one law.

Jumah has observed that section 91 of the Republican Constitution gives powers to the President to enjoy immunity that he cannot be taken to court until the end of a five- year term in office observing that this law is continuing putting Malawians on slavery.

He said the Malawi laws are favoring the President and the political party in government saying as such, people do not see the difference between government and a political party in government resulting to the president shielding his party loyalists from arrests and prosecutions after committing offenses.

Speaking through his face book page widely read by millions of Malawians and Africans on the continent, Jumah said in 7 months after the new government has been elected, the Republican Constitution will be reviewed, revisited and amended for new inputs.

Jumah said he would have loved if the Republican Constitution be reviewed every after two years for the citizens to weigh out if the laws are being followed by all or not and what should government and citizens do for the sustainability of the laws other than waiting after 5 years.

He observed with a great concern that the country’s laws are there to punish and chain the poor people claiming that people who have committed minor offenses are the ones that are filling up prisons to their fullest capacity while the big fishes are allowed to swim outside prisons.

“Those that have destroyed the country through looting of public resources and corruption are still enjoying taking a cup of coffee outside while those that stole chickens are in prisons,” said Jumah.

He said Muvi wa Chilungamo Revolutionary Party (MRP) will introduce for the first time after many years of absence-the House of Chiefs (Senate) sitting in Zomba whose duty will be to review all the laws passed by Parliament, removing draconian laws before the President signed into law.

He said Members of Parliament (MPs) will be meeting at the Parliament Building in Lilongwe mandated to deliberate and pass laws saying instead of the laws passed go to the President, the House of Senate will have their word on it saying this will strengthen democracy in Malawi.

Jumah has appealed to all Malawians regardless of their party affiliations to be reading MRP Manifesto for informed choice and mindset change that their country is not poor as labelled by politicians for 60 years saying Malawi is a beautiful country and has everything to make itself rich and not its leaders go global trotting begging money for projects.

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