Muslim Youth United Distributes Food Items To Hunger Affected Families

Over six thousand households can now afford a smile after the Muslim Youth United has been distributing food items to hunger affected families in Mangochi and Chiradzulu districts.

According to Abbas Panjwani, Executive Director of MYU, so far about 6,000 families have been reached with the exercise, jointly conducted with logistics partners and traditional authorities.

The assistance includes food and non-food items, such as black sheeting, all valued at K200 million.

Panjwani said, “In Chimwala, Mangochi, the community was hit by a storm with strong winds, hence at the particular site, the criteria were the hunger-stricken and those whose homes were affected.”

In addition, Panjwani stated that the food distribution exercise will be extended to other areas, with Blantyre city being the next target.

“We have an upcoming small distribution in Urban Blantyre to assist the most vulnerable and needy during this lean period,” said Panjwani.

Meanwhile the exercise is ongoing and advised well-wishers to join the cause.

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