Thursday, February 22

Fear grips Malawi’s Asian community over attacks, kidnapping



                                           James Kadadzera


There is fear among Malawians of Asian community following a spate of abductions and attacks targeted at them in some of the country’s major cities.

Just a few days ago, a Malawian of Asian community, Aniz Ammad Kali was attacked at BCA Hill in Blantyre and robbed of large sums of money which he was taking home from his shop.

He later died at Mwaiwathu Private Hospital where he was receiving treatment as he had been seriously injured in the attack.

Malawi Police Service (MPS) spokesperson James Kadadzera said in a statement that they are following up on the matter.

“MPS detectives are following all the leads to arrest the criminals, he said.

The law enforcers are also yet to get to the bottom of the abduction of Shayona Cement Company boss, Rajesh Patel, who was abducted in February this year.

Sources said Patel was released after paying a huge ransom that was allegedly demanded by the abductors.

Kadadzera said the police are still conducting their investigations to get the abductors and bring them to book.

“All I can say is that he [Patel] was abducted, blindfolded, kept and dumped. He did not know the people that abducted him and the place they dumped him. We are still investigating to break through the leads,” he said.

Leader of the Asian Community in Malawi, Rafiq Hajat told Malawi News that that Patel had gone on leave abroad because he fears for his life.

He disclosed that Patel went to Dubai and other places which he did not mention but has since returned.

Asked if Patel paid ransom for his release, Hajat said: “I believe something was paid.”

The abduction of Patel and recent attack of Kali has sent shivers to Asians living in the country as they fear for their lives and businesses.

Hajat said members of the Asian community get a lot of threatening messages from unknown people to abduct them and choke their businesses.

“As a community we are working very closely with the police to bring the perpetrators to book,” Hajat said, when asked what the community is doing about the threats.

Patel was taken between HB house and Capital Printing in Area 4 down the road from Chipiku Stores in Lilongwe.

He was dragged into a dark blue Toyota Carina.

Real culprits are yet to be identified


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