Tuesday, February 27

Ethiopian Airways Resumes Ticketing Services In Malawi

Ethiopian Airlines has resumed ticketing services for all travel agents in Malawi with effect from today, barely three weeks after suspending the same due to shortage of foreign currency in the country.

The Airline’s Area Manager for Malawi Andinet Ayichew has confirmed.

He said the company’s decision to recommence the ticket sales locally follows a series of fruitful discussions with relevant government authorities.

“We appreciate the involvement by all key stakeholders which has helped us to bring back uninterrupted service on the Malawi market for more than three decades,” said Ayichew.

Asked whether the airliner is now able to access the required foreign exchange for its seamless services in the country, Ayichew said the restoration of their service has been reached on “common understanding” to alleviate the challenge at hand as well as a commitment by Malawi government to help the airliner access foreign currency.

Last month, Secretary for the Travel Agents Association of Malawi Eliza Chimbaya admitted that the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) has been unable to remit money to airliner’s accounts due to dwindling foreign exchange reserves.

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