AFORD Condemns Attacks on Democratic Progressive Party members

The Alliance for Democracy-AFORD has become the latest political party to condemn the recent attacks on Democratic Progressive Party members who wanted to hold a democratically planned parade in Lilongwe on Saturday.

In a statement signed by AFORD National Publicity Secretary Amatullah Annie Maluwa, the party strongly condemns such attacks and calls upon the security agencies to excercise power by making sure that all perpetrators are held to account.

“The witnessed scale and gravity of these attacks mark a worrying escalation of violence, no cause can justify such brutality and senseless attacks”, reads part of the statement.

AFORD further states that it believes the acts are deliberate mob attempt to disrupt the rightful enjoyment of freedom of Assembly as enshrined in the Republic Constitution.

On saturday unknown people attacked DPP members who had gathered at Mbowe in Lilongwe to start what they call blue parade to encourage its followers register in the on-going national ID registration excercise.

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