Arthur Peter Mutharika Is Wise And Competent


Under APM presidency, Malawi faced the worst crisis that could have brought the country into a total collapse. But it didn’t, because APM is a great leader.

  1. There was a sharp rise in Crude Oil prices, yet APM administration contained the price of all fuel. No fuel prices went up.
  2. APM took over power with inflation at 36.1%, his great economic strategy helped drop inflation – and as a consequence, dropping prices of food, and basic commodities.
  3. APM administration is the one that took off VAT on basic goods and commodities consumed by the poor. An international practice. But today, the incompetent Chakwera government has put it back.
  4. APM when he took over power the policy rate was at 22% in 2014 but he worked very hard to reduce it to 11% . The kwacha was stable under his leadership against USdollar.
  5. Leadership is knowledge, you either know, or you don’t.

APM, and the highly competent DPP team know how to run the economy. Chakwera and the whole Tonse Alliance are nothing but incompetent destroyers.

In one year, Chakwera wiped out APM’s six years of hard work and economic stability for Malawi.

I wish we can vote again sooner, so that we bring APM back (so that he can stabilise and save this sinking ship called Malawi.

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