Four join MCP, analysts fault the development, Opportunist

Country’s political analysts have expressed scepticism over some notable members of political parties who have dumped their parties and join the Malawi Congress Party-MCP.

This comes as the four notable people have join Malawi Congress party-MCP.

These people are Ralph Mhone, former People’s Party Vice President, Ephraim Mganda Chiume, former DPP Vice Secretary General, Miriam Chimbalanga, former DPP Director of women and DPP member of parliament for Chitipa South constituency Welani Chilenga.

Speaking to Our News Platform Mw in an interview, one of the political analysts in the country Laudon Malingamoyo Phiri said the move by those four people is undesirable since members to move from one party to another party sometimes can bear regrettable factors.

‘‘It is hard to believe the real problem would be with the Democratic Progressive Party’s administration or members themselves,” said Malingamoyo.

He added that these people have resigned because they are not ready to move on under the authority of DPP since it’s their right to Join any party they longing.

But in her remarks, Miriam Chimbalanga, former DPP Director of women said she has quited the party because she was disappointed that the party is now walking without procedures and proper routines.

“Squabbles, hostility and cheose are some of the scams that are drifting within the party and defusing misunderstandings,” she said.

Commenting on the matter, good governance, Wonderful Mkhutche hailed the decision.

He however said members should have weighed the conflicting opinions of the followers before making decisions.

”As members of parliament they should be both a delegate and the trustees, as a delegates they should represent their constituency hence they have done well by listening to their people,” he said.

Another political analyst, George Chaima was quoted that while Malawians have a right to join a political party of their choice, the move shows that these politicians have lost value in their respective parties.

Chaima said the move is problematic for DPP and MCP as with DPP, it means the party is losing members tha could assist in the upcoming elections while with MCP it is welcoming recycled politicians who will not add value to the party’s strength and popularity.

Currently, the Democratic Progressive Party-DPP and People’s Party-PP are yet to comment on the matter.

In January this year, DPP Central Executive Committee expelled from the party, its former Vice president for the southern region Kondwani Nankhumwa, former secretary general Grizelder Jeffrey, and former Director of women Cecilia Chazama.

A development that triggered political analysts to trash the party saying it’s an indication of lack of democracy in the party.

They advised party president, Peter Mutharika to tread carefully on how he handles his critics to avoid facing the predicament of losing some members ahead of the 2025 general elections.

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