Mzuzu Youths Organise Business Summit


The Mzuzu City Council through the Department of Youth, noticing worrying trends among the youth in their communities, struggling to access bank loans and government contracts to start or expand their businesses have decided to take a critical action.

Recognizing the potential that young entrepreneurs have the Department of Youth decided to organized a Youth Business Summit on 8th March 2024 aimed at bringing together young people from all over Mzuzu to learn about the opportunities available to them on how they could access them.

The summit will be filled with workshops, panel discussions, and networking opportunities for the attendees with priority focus on access bank loans and government contracts.

Chairperson of the Mzuzu Youth Network, Salomy Kadazi confirmed the attendance of local banks and other players in the economic sectors who will provide mentorship to young entrepreneurs.

“The Youths will also be offered advice on how to improve their credit scores and present a strong business plan to increase their chances of approval and another key aspect of the summit will be learning how to access government contracts,” Kadazi said.

She added stating that representatives from the government procurement department will be present to explain the process and provide tips on how to submit a successful bid while also stressing the importance of networking and building relationships within the community to increase the chances of winning contracts.

Mzuzu District Youth Officer, Misheck Mahera Msokwa said the summit will be a huge success, with hundreds of young people attending and leaving feeling more informed and empowered with many of them leaving with new connections and a renewed sense of hope for their futures.

“Even after the summit, the Department of Youth will continue to offer support to the young entrepreneurs, helping them navigate the sometimes daunting world of banking and government contracts,” Msokwa said.

The Mzuzu City Councils Public Relations Officer, Mcdonald Gondwe said the Council is proud to have played a part in initiating interventions aimed at empowering the youth in their communities while looking forward to seeing the positive impact it would have on the city’s economy.

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