Voters Blamed For Choosing Bad Leaders-ECM

The Episcopal Conference of Malawi-ECM says while the country’s leaders are responsible for the many problems facing Malawians, voters are also to blame for choosing leaders who can’t govern properly.

This is contained in the latest pastoral letter ECM, which comprises all the Catholic Bishops for the eight dioceses plus two auxiliary bishops, has released.

The bishops say instead of arriving at the ‘Promised Land’, the current administration has taken Malawians to ‘Bagamoyo’, a city on the east coast of Tanzania where a slave would lose all hope of being free again.

“We are witnessing a serious lack of credible and visionary leadership in the country. This is the root cause of all the problems we now face,” reads the letter in part.

Among others, the letter calls on Malawians to cooperate with God to get out of the mess brought by the Tonse Alliance government.

The bishops have also raised concerns on corruption fight, their ‘fruitless’ engagements with the President, nepotism and corruption and partisanship in the judiciary.

Other issues include intraparty squabbles, victimisation of the elderly and the need to respect and care for creation.

However, the conference says God has not abandoned Malawians but requires their cooperation to actively and wisely participate in next year’s elections.

The pastoral letter titled: ‘The sad story of Malawi,’ has come on the second Sunday of Lent and is expected to be read out in all Catholic churches today.

Government is yet to comment on the critical issues contained in the pastoral letter.

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