Your Days Are Numbered Mutharika Warns Malawi Congress Party

Mutharika says he is surprised that President Lazarus Chakwera, who is also president of the MCP, is not coming in the open to condemn the violence which some members of the MCP are allegedly perpetrating.

Mutharika has since applauded political parties, civil society organisations and the faith leaders for condemning the violence that is happening in the country.

“Let me warn Malawi Congress Party. Your days are numbered. You are perpetrating violence on DPP supporters and you will pay for this. Please stop the violence because your days are coming to an end,” says Mutharika.

He has further challenged the MCP to allow other political parties to campaign in the central region and other regions in the country.

The DPP leader adds he is optimistic that DPP monitors will not be harassed again during the 2025 general election like it was the case in 2020.

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