Wednesday, February 28

Avoid corruption, lands PS warns officers

Ministry of Lands Southern Region members of staff have been asked to treat every client with dignity and avoid corrupt practices when helping people with land issues.

Principal Secretary for Ministry of Lands David Chilonga made the remarks on Thursday during an orientation meeting on devolvement of powers to local councils held at Central Office of Information in Blantyre.

“There is need for every member of staff to treat every client with respect and dignity regardless of how they are dressed or their physical appearance,” he said.

Chilonga said corruption and disrespect among staff members are some of the reasons that tarnishes the image of the Ministry.

“We all should learn to assist our clients without asking for something in return, be it money for a drink or money to fasten different processes hence there is a need to change in order to correct the dented image of the ministry that has been ruined by such practices,” he said.

In an interview, Regional Lands Commissioner for Southern Region Eunice Kayiphwa concurred with Chilonga observing the ministry`s reputation and integrity is at stake owing to high incidences of corruption and poor performance of some officers.

“We will not hesitate to give serious warning letters or interdict those that are found doing such malpractices and we will also conduct staff audit as one way of mending our integrity,” she said.

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