National Intelligence service rebuffs Cdedi

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Namiwa rebuffed

National Intelligence Service (NIS) director general Dokani Ngwira has rejected Centre for Democracy and Development Initiatives’ (Cdedi) request for information about Zuneth Sattar’s visit to Malawi.

Cdedi executive director Sylvester Namiwa gave Ngwira seven days from May 30 2022 to furnish them with information on how Sattar travelled to Malawi from March 16 to 25 2022 without their knowledge.

But in a letter addressed to Namiwa dated June 6 2022, Ngwira says it will be unethical for the spy agency to provide the requested information according to the National Intelligence Service Act.

Ngwira: We cannot share security information

Reads part of the letter: “In light of the foregoing, it is important to point out that most transnational organised crime, including corruption, requires coordination and sharing information among all law enforcement agencies.

“In this regard, NIS works hand in hand with the Anti-Corruption Bureau [ACB] when need arises. However, on the issue of Mr Zuneth Sattar, neither the ACB nor the Malawi Police Service informed the NIS that the subject is a wanted person.”

Ngwira said when conducting live operations, NIS does not share information with unauthorised individuals to avoid jeopardising sensitive investigations.

Reacting to the development in a written response yesterday, Namiwa said Ngwira’s response, however, shows that State security organs are working in isolation.

When asked why his organisation did not seek the position of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services and the Malawi Police Service on the same, Namiwa said they recently wrote to the Minister of Homeland Security and are waiting for a response.

On her part, the Minister of Homeland Security Jean Sendeza could not be reached for comment.

ACB director general Martha Chizuma told The Nation edition of May 27 2022 that they learnt of Sattar’s visit two hours after he left, thereby making it difficult for them to act

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