Attorney General Support To Extend Retirement Age To 70

Attorney General Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda

Attorney General Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda has supported a proposal to extend the retirement age of judges from 65 to 70.

The remarks have been made as members of parliament are expected to table a Court’s Act Amendment bill that is among others proposing an increase in the retirement age of judges

According to Nyirenda , at 70 people are energetic enough to deliver judgments.

“We have Richard Banda who retired I think before 2004 and was appointed Chief Justice of Swaziland, he performed there. Then we had had Justice of Appeal the Late Mtegha who was also appointed Director of Anti –Corruption in Swaziland after retiring here. We have got Retired Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda , we are told he has now been appointed to sit in a tribunal established by the International Monetary Fund. Meaning that these people are able to recognize that these people still have some energy and wisdom to impart in the delivery justice system.”

‘’ In America for example federal judges are appointed for life and countries like UK the minimum you can see is 70.

‘’ We have so many retired judges who have been appointed as board chairs of private enterprises or pubic enterprises, performing tremendously well. Wisdom goes with age, King Solomon was a good judge because of his wisdom.”

‘’ So we think that at 70 people are energetic enough, they will be able to deliver judgments and at that time some might have acquired a lot of experience.”

Meanwhile Nyirenda has also supported a proposal to have judgments delivered within 45 days.

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